The History of Russia in Photographs

The History of Russia in Photographs (Istoriia Rossii v Fotografiiakh) is the simple name for a massive undertaking in digital archiving by the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum, the Russian and Moscow ministries of culture, and the Russian search engine Yandex. The site to date includes 70,799 photographs from 118 museums, archives, and personal collections spanning from 1860-1999. You can view photographs by theme, location (using an interactive map), date (using an interactive timeline), or browse dozens of digital exhibitions on topics such as “St. Petersburg Swedes,” “The circus,” “Soviet Romance,” and many others. The project is participatory and constantly expanding as both institutions and individual users can upload photographs from their collections. Photographs are titled and many have descriptions, making the site easy to search. The entire site is in Russian, geared as it is for Russian users, but non-Russian speakers could easily navigate it with Chrome and/or minimal use of Google Translate (non-Russian speakers can also use the search tool simply by translating a word on Google Translate and pasting it into the search bar).


“V muzee” [At the museum], 1970.
“Evreiskii kolkhoz (kibutsa) Bukharindorf” [Jewish collective farm (kibuts) Bukharindorf], 1929.

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