There is no replacement for leafing through papers in an archive or perusing the stacks of a library. But the public’s access to documents, manuscripts, art, photos, and all manner of treasures from the past increases with every digitization project. I created Guided History as a way to make sense of what’s out there and to archive the sites that I value. The name came from a site that I created several years ago–the original Guided History–for my undergraduates to publish research guides they created as part of an assignment in several of my classes. In fact, my students are still creating valuable research guides on that website.

To do some of my own digital archiving, on this website I will be featuring posts with short descriptions of resources for digital history, and adding them one-by-one to topical research guides. Just like the site I created for my students, the project will start small but over time my hope is that this version of Guided History will also become a valuable resource in its own right. My posting and compiling will tend toward my own teaching and research interests in European, Jewish, Russian, and legal history, but I won’t pass up an opportunity to highlight any engaging resource in digital history. If you have a suggestion, just let me know in the Contact page.


Simon Rabinovitch