Boston University

Core Curriculum Social Sciences I: Religion, Social Thought, and the Roots of Society

Core Curriculum Social Sciences II: Religion and Secularism

The Emergence of Modern Europe

The Historian’s Craft

Jews in the Modern World

Russia and Its Empires Since 1900

History of the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe

Religious Controversies and the Law

Political and Cultural Revolution

Revolutionary Russia

Topics in the History of Popular Culture

Ritual Murder and Other Myths of Jewish Conspiracy

Topics in Legal History Colloquium

  • Topic: Global History of Tolerance

Topics in Jewish History Colloquium

  • Topic: Modern Jewish Politics
  • Topic: Jews, Empires, and Nation States

Graduate Seminar in European History

  • Topic: Nationalism

Directed Study in European History


Hebrew College, Boston

Me’ah continuing education, Jewish History and Thought in the Modern World


University of Florida

History of the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe

History of Modern Jewish Political Movements

Graduate Readings in Russian-Jewish History

Graduate Readings in Modern Jewish Politics